Room Thermometer (Wood) 0~50*C

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Room Thermometer (In-Outdoor Thermometer) ? Alcohol Thermometer with Wooden
Thermometer Operating Instructions:
The thermometer is designed for measuring room temperature. It is characterized by elegant appearance, novel construction, moderate temperature range, and clear reading. In order to gain an accurate room temperature, it should be hung in a ventilated place and avoid direct radiation from the sun.

The thermometer is a precision glass instrument. In order to avoid unnecessary damage such as glass is broken or the red fluid column separated, it should be placed upright and handled with care during storage, packing, and shipment.

The method of repair:
If the red fluid column is found discontinuous, grip the top of the thermometer with your hand and swing it down forcibly to make the red fluid column connected with the aid of centrifugal force.



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