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Octopassscientif.com is the online version of OCTOPASS Scientific Co. This is a registered Business in Dhaka South City Corporation area. OCTOPASS Scientific Co. is one of the top leading Supply & Trading based Business in Bangladesh. Octopass is also an Importer, Dealer, and the Stockiest of the Complete range of Laboratory Equipment, Weighing Scales, Lab Consumables, Scientific Apparatus, Textile Inspections Instruments, GSM Instruments, Laboratory Chemicals, Lab plasticware, Quality Control Requisites, and Glassware in Bangladesh. Octopass Scientific is the best online shop of lab equipment, surgical and safety products. Octopass takes orders online and delivers within 3 working days in Dhaka City and within 7 working days anywhere in Bangladesh.

OCTOPASS SCIENTIFIC CO. is the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR Narang Scientific Industries (COWBELL Dairy Equipment’s) Ambala, Haryana, India


OCTOPASS SCIENTIFIC CO. Imported Plastic Wear Poly Lab, India

OCTOPASS SCIENTIFIC CO. Imported Glass Wear Pyrex-A, India



OCTOPASS SCIENTIFIC CO.  is the leading Supplier of World-renowned Manufacturers and Brands such as Biohall, Duran, AND, Atago, Baxtran, Contech, Cowbell, DIGISCALE, HTC, MOTEX, ZEAL, LABOID, MN, SARTORIUS, 3M, DIGISYSTEM, EZDO, FLUKE, HACH, HIMEDIA, POLY LAB, ROCKER, SCHARLAB, SMART SENSOR, James Heal, Martor, SDC, SDL, CAS, VeriVide, Aqua Boy, Loba, Philips, Merck, Saf-Guard, Dalo, Hanna, Schroder, Pyrex, Narva, Classic, Testfabrics, Shimadzu, Mitutoyo, Lutron, Pantone, and many other brands.

OCTOPASS has good logistics support of the various consumable products in the field of School, College, University, Pharmaceuticals, Paints, Cement, Garment & Textile, etc. OCTOPASS gradually becomes a supplier of Weight Scale, Testing Equipment, instruments, Consumables Products & Online Seller since 1996 which specialized in resourcing a wide range of the world’s professional brand’s Analytical Balances, Weight Scale, Equipment & Consumable products for pharmaceuticals, educational institute, textiles testing labs, paint industries in Bangladesh.

To meet the requirement of our valued clients, we strictly ensure the quality of the goods. Most of the products are & imported from distributors, manufacturers of different countries of the world which requires the best for our clients.

We offer a reasonable price to our clients with standard quality, quick delivery & after-sales service as well. We are committed to maintaining market demand as well as giving preference to our customers first.

OCTOPASS SCIENTIFIC CO.  develops a strong relationship with clients by giving a quick response from the authentic sources against their requirements; which saves the client’s time & cost. Its historically close cooperation with the scientific community is the key to OCTOPASS SCIENTIFIC,s tradition of innovation, which draws on users’ ideas and creates solutions tailored to their requirements.

At the global level, OCTOPASS SCIENTIFIC CO. is working with four divisions, all of which are among the leaders in their respective fields and they are the Life Science Division, Industry Division, Biosystems Division, and Medical Division. At the same time, we offer the best service with online order facility, and a home delivery system for anywhere in Bangladesh.

Best Scientific & Lab Equipment Seller and Supplier in Dhaka

OCTOPASS SCIENTIFIC CO. is an online shop for scientific laboratory items, Scientific equipment and chemicals. Online seller carries thousands of lab equipment’s and consumables like as weight scales, Color Assessment Cabinets, color guides, GSM Balance, color matching instruments, laboratory lights, GSM Cutter, pH meters, Laboratory Detergents, lab beakers, Rubbing Cloth, Multifiber (DW), test tube, pH paper, moisture analyzing meters, Crocking Cloth, bond test balance, Vernier calipers, physics, chemistry and biology laboratory products. OCTOPASS SCIENTIFIC CO. is not only a supplier but also a distributor, and retailer of lab instrument and chemicals such as glass and plastic-ware, equipment, chemicals, and supplies used in scientific research, applied science and life science worldwide.

Quality No Compromise

With many types of quality, there are lots of products in the scientific market. But we guarantee that we are not compromising with the quality. We always try our best to supply our clients with quality-tested, original 7 products. Click to see our brands.

Our Work Area

We are capable to supply and support for every laboratory in Bangladesh. But we preferred Laboratory, School-College, Textile, Food industries, cement industries testing equipment and Biofloc Project to supply our products. We are a supplier of school laboratory equipment, college laboratory equipment, textile testing instruments & cement industries testing equipment, consumables, food lab equipment, health & safety materials, biofloc fish farming items, and chemicals in Bangladesh.

Most Selling Category of Our Products

Our most selling products are Laboratory Glassware & Instruments (Pyrex, Duran, Wheel, etc.) Health & Safety Materials ( Hand Gloves, PPE, Shoe Cover, Disposable Mask, Alcohol Pad, Head Cover, First Aid Kits, Thermometer, Safety Goggles), etc. Biofloc Fish Farming Items, Digital Weight Scale (Mega, T-Scale, etc.), Plastic-ware (PolyLab), Laboratory Detergents (Ariel, Persil,  Clorox, Tide, Tead, etc.), Testing Kits & Strips like pH Paper,  Peroxide Test Paper, Iron Test Kits, Ammonia Test kits, etc. We also supply  Dairy Equipment, Control Fabrics,  Inspection Lights, GSM Blades, GSM Cutter machines, Rubbing Cloths, Multifibre, GSM Balance, Pantone book, Textile Markers, Filter Papers,  Different types of Meters,  all laboratory products for School-College, Hand Gloves, and much scientific equipment.

Largest Store of Hanna Instruments in BD

We are the reliable seller and supplier of Hanna Instruments in Bangladesh. Here available are all types of Hanna brand TDS meter, temperature meter, pH meter, DO meter, conductivity, etc.

How to Buy Our Products:

We are mainly an Imported & Supply-based company in Bangladesh.  With our own transport and courier, we supply our products all over Bangladesh. So if we get an order from you then, we will deliver your ordered products to your location. You can buy our products offline from our shop or you can buy online through this website.

We would like to receive your review about our products, services, and our online store.  You can call us at our Hotline: +88001711-934592 (10:00 AM to 8:00 PM); Saturday to Thursday except for government holidays. You can also contact us via our official Facebook Page- Octopass Scientific.

If you think your desired products are not on this website, you can directly email – Octopass_scientific1@yahoo.com or octopass.scientific1@gmail.com

Stay in Touch

We would like to receive your feedback about our products, services, and our online store. Keep in touch with us and feel free to share your valuable comments or suggestions. You can call us at our Hotline: +88001711-934592 (10:00 AM to 8:00 PM); Saturday to Thursday except for government holidays. You also contact us via our official social media pages.

If you do not find your desired products on this website, please email Octopass_scientific1@yahoo.com

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