MN TLC Plate (Pre-Coated TLC Sheet) 20x20cm (25 Pcs Pak), Germany

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TLC aluminum sheets, silica gel layer, ALUGRAM Xtra SIL G UV254, 20×20 cm
TLC aluminum sheets with optimized cuttability and wettability. Layer – unmodified silica gel (SiOH).
Hazardous material No
Method Thin layer chromatography (TLC)
Brand ALUGRAM Xtra
Phase Xtra SIL G UV254
Base material Aluminum sheets coated with silica gel
Surface chemistry Unmodified silica gel (SiOH)
Mode Normal phase (NP)
Plate size 20×20 cm
Layer thickness 0.20 mm
Layer hardness Standard, soft
UV indicator Yes
Support material / backing Aluminum
Particle size 5?17 ?m
Particle type Fully porous particles (FPP)
Particle shape Irregular
Pore size 60 ?
Pore volume 0.75 mL/g
Binder Yes
pH stability 2.0?8.0
Recommended applica-tion(s) Aflatoxins, Alkaloids, Amines, Amino acids, Analgetics, Antibiotics, Hormones, Marihuana compounds, Normal phase (NP), Patulin, Steroids, Swee-teners, Vitamins
Temperature stability High
Storage temperature RT
Scope of delivery 25x TLC aluminum sheets / foils (20×20 cm)
Made IN Germany




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