Shimadzu Analytical Balance AP225WD(0.01/0.1mg-220/102gm), Japan

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Shimadzu AP225WD Dual Range Semi-Micro Analytical Balance 220g/102g Capacity
The AP Series of analytical balances encompasses the APW, APW-D, APX, and APY models, and incorporate innovative features and accessories, as well as Shimadzu?s most advanced one-piece UniBloc weighing sensor.

Fast, Efficient Performance for Enhanced Productivity

Ap Series Balance with Component Descriptions

Fast Weighing Response
Shimadzu?s advanced one-piece UniBloc AP weighing sensor reduces the weighing response time by approximately 20% compared with the previous model, significantly improving weighing efficiency.

Fast Weighing Response Time Graph
Optional Built-In High-Performance Ionizer
The STABLO AP ionizer is mountable in APW, APW-D, and APX models, and eliminates the influence of static electricity, making powders and objects easier to handle and weigh.

Side view of AP Series Balance with STABLO AP ionizer
Ensure Data Reliability with LabSolutions Balance Software
Integration with LabSolutions Balance enables automatic saving of weighing data in compliance with electronic record (ER) and electronic signature (ES) regulations. In addition, LabSolutions is compatible with a host of Shimadzu?s analytical instruments, including chromatography, mass spectrometry, molecular spectroscopy, and elemental analysis, allowing weighing data to be combined with data from these instruments in reports.

LabSolutions Products Diagram
Buffer Solution and Sample Recipe Functions
For the new APW and APW-D models, recipes for 13 commonly used buffer solutions are included as standard, and new buffer solution recipes are easily registered, with preparation instructions and guidance shown on the display. Sample recipes can also be registered, increasing the efficiency of repetitive weighing tasks.

Sample Perparation Function Screen
Time-Saving Accessories
A multi-stand is included with 0.01 mg models, supporting easier weighing with weighing paper, into micro tubes, and of long rod-shaped samples. A numeric keypad makes entering numeric values quicker, and by scanning a barcode with the barcode reader, sample IDs, as well as user IDs and passwords, are inputted.

USb Connection Accessory

Product Specifications
Maximum Capacity 220 g/102 g
Readability (min display) 0.01 mg/0.1 mg
Minimum Weight 30mg
Linearity ? ?0.1 mg
External calibration
weight for span
calibration 45 to
Stabiliztion time for
race measurements 2 secs/8 secs
Stabilization Time 8 secs
Repeatability (standard deviation) 0.1 mg/0.05 mg
Built-in clock Included
GLP/GMP/ISO calibration report Included
UniBloc weighing technology Included
Mol conversion Included
Built-in Calibration Included
preparation Included
Inspection Support Fuction Included
Receipe Formulation mode Included
Specific gravity measurement mode Included
Inonizer Optional
Below weight measurement Included
Internal Timer Output Included
Net Weight 7.9 kg
Auto Door Not Applicable
Battery Life Not Applicable
Pan Size 91mm
Pan Construction Stainless Steel
Body dimensions Approx. 212 x 411 x 345 mm
(power supply unit included)
Weight 6.2 Kg
Display OEL Display (dot matrix)
Input/output terminal RS232 (D-sub 9P plug); USB host (type A); USB device (type B); ionizer
Working Environment 5 to 40?C; 20 to 85% RH
Sensitivity stability against temp range ?2 ppm/?C (10 to 30?C)
Working Environment 50?F ? 86?F, 85%RH, non-condensing




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