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Product details of F70060: Refractive 525 X Zoom Astronomical Telescope (700/60mm) Monocular Telescope for Astronomical Observation With 360 Degree Adjustable Aluminum Tripod Refractive / Focal Length: 700mm, optical aperture: 60mm Can set As lens plus 1.5x can be set 52 times, 84 times, 263 times Plus 3x magnification can be set by 105 times, 168 times, 525 times Theory Resolution: 2.000 arc-seconds Main tube Color: Silver Box size: 440mm x 210mm x 100mm With aluminum tripod U shape tripod can be 360 degrees adjustable Model: 60700. Made in China.

Material: aluminum
Telescope type: Refractor
Objective lens diameter: 60mm
Focal length: 700mm
Eyepieces: 3 eyepieces: SR4mm and H12.5mm, H 20mm
Diagonal lens: convert upside-down images into the right side up.
Barlow lens: Magnification 3x.
Erecting eyepiece (eyepiece extension): 1.5x
Magnification range (without Barlow lens and erecting eyepiece): 35x, 56x 175x
Magnification range(with 1.5x eyepiece extension ): 52x, 84x 262x(Note: magnification is arrived at by dividing the telescope focal length by the eyepiece focal length)
Magnification range (with 3x Barlow lens and 1.5 erecting eyepieces): 105x, 168x 525x
Resolution: 4.62?
Observation class: 10.3 (Note: this is the level of astronomical observation that the telescope can achieve according to the distance, size, and brightness of the astronomical objects. For example, Saturn belongs to this class).
Fully multi-coated optics: Excellent image contrast and light transmission.
Mount: Alt-azimuth
Weight: 4.95kg (overall package weight)
Length: 70cm (main telescope)
Finish/Color: Metallic white



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