Hanna Cleaning Solution HI-7061L 500ml, Romania

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HI-7061L General Purpose Cleaning Solution
HI-7061L is a general purpose cleaning solution which can be used for a variety of applications. Electrodes become dirty from use and will produce inaccurate results even if they read correctly in a pH buffer. HANNA?s cleaning solutions eliminate impurities and residues which are left on electrode surfaces when immersed in samples during measurement or when stored incorrectly.
At HANNA, we suggest cleaning the bulb and junction of your electrode on a regular basis in our ready-to-use cleaning solutions to ensure that the probe is always clean and to prevent any clogging of the junction.
All cleaning solutions are packaged in an air tight bottle with tamper-proof seal to ensure quality and freshness. All solutions show a batch number and expiry date.
Available in 230ml and 500ml bottles, and individual 20ml sachets in packs of 25.

Useful tips:
? After cleaning, rinse the electrode in tap water and then place in a HANNA Storage Solution before calibrating or taking measurements.
? Always follow up with a HANNA Buffer/calibrating Solution for the best results.
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