Baxtran Digital Floor Scale ZFN (BR15) 100gm-1000Kg, Spain(1000x1000mm)

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ZFN Floor Scale

Easy-to-use industrial scale

? Platform with painted steel tubular structure and diamond top pan welded to the structure.
? Enamelled in black.
? 4 Nickel-plated steel load cells, IP66.
? Junction box in ABS, Ip66 protection.
? Installation on ground.
? 4 adjustable feet in height, up to an increase of 10 mm.

? ABS indicator model BR15.
? Backlight LCD display with six 30 mm height digits.
? Backlight of the display with 3 types: automatic, activated and deactivated.
? IP54 protection.
? Waterproof keyboard with 5 function keys and ON/OFF keys.
? Keyboard functions: Unit selector, zero, tare, accumulation and manual data transfer to PC or printer.
? Rechargeable internal battery 6V/4Ah, 120 hour battery life.
? Operating temperature range: -10?C +40?C.
? Unique range, multi-range or multi-interval.
? Power supply with adaptor AC/DC 240Vac 50Hz.
? Unit 1 to choose: off, kg, t and g; Unit 2 to choose: off, lb, lboz; Unit 3 to choose: off, Taiwan Jin, CA or VISS.
? RS232 output (PC and print formats).
? Auto switch off (programmable: from 1 to 99 minutes).

? Accumulation
? Totalization
? Piece counting
? Zero
? Hold 4 modes: deactivate, filter for animals, peak value, stable weight and stable weight with auto cancel in zero.
? Check weighing (limits function) visual and alarm signals
? Three speeds of AD converter (high, medium and low)
? Gross/Net
? Tare

Specifications :

Model : ZFN
Capacity : 1000Kg
Division : 100gm
Platform Size : 1000x1000mm
Made In Spain




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